Centenary Reunion

Nairn County FC’s 100 years in the Highland League Organised by Donald Graham Venue - British Legion, Nairn Date -    29th June 2014 Time - 12.00 noon Cost - n/a I am organising a reunion on Sunday 29th June 2014 which is being held to celebrate the centenary of Nairn County. It is aimed at everyone with a County connection, players current or ex, supporters, committee members, ballboys etc etc. Below is the email which I have sent out to a number of people earlier today. I am hoping that by using email, facebook, twitter etc that we can reach as many people as possible. Think of it as the equivalent of an electronic chain letter that we can all share, pass on etc. Thank you. Donald Graham
Centenary Reunion
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UPDATE Arrangements are now firmly in place for the Nairn County FC Centenary Reunion which takes place this Sunday, 29th June from 12 noon in the British Legion. This is the day we’ll mark 100 years of Nairn County Football Club in the Highland League.  A time to meet up with players, managers and supporters from the past and present and reminisce about Nairn County, the good times and the bad, over the last 100 years. Although there is a list of events planned throughout the afternoon the main object of the day is to allow people to catch up with old friends. Some of you are travelling great distances to attend and I hope this will be a day that will live long in the memory. If you live locally why not pop in - you never know who’ll be there! The doors of the Legion will be open at 12 and things will kick off from then.  If you think you will need a seat/table then please make your way to the Highland Hall to claim one. There should be seating for 80 people available in the hall and the food (BBQ, Meat Lasagne and Veg Lasagne) will be served in the garden which is a short walk from the hall. The other bars in the Legion will be open to allow people to sit elsewhere if they want to do so. The Nairn County Centenary book will be on sale for £20, and a raffle will also be in place. The raffle is been run to cover the costs of the day, but any profit will be put into the NCFC Youth Development programme. Raffle prizes include a 4-ball for the Nairn Dunbar, a 21 year old Aberfeldy Single Malt and a case (6 bottles) of Champagne. Please see here for the timetable. Donald Graham
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