Dolphin fish supper Dolphin Chip Shop Fish Supper Auction. In conjunction with the Dolphin chip shop  and held at the Musical Showcase event.   The bids were for 2 fish suppers or any  supper of choice once a week for a year.  The offer was worth over £600. The top bid of £450 came from Willie Lean of The Classroom. Blog

Auctions - Selection of some of the previous Auctions

Previous Auctions

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County til we die! Nairn County FC Supporters Ground Improvement Fund
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Lisbon Lions signed shirt Another Celtic top featuring signatures from several Lisbon Lions; Bertie Auld, Bobby Lennox, John Fallon and Willie Wallace, was once again donated by Ali Nicol.  The winning bid of £340 came from Alan Robertson. Lisbon Lions signed shirt Celtic signed shirt and book A signed shirt and the book, Celtic, The Pride and Passion were donated by Ali and Kenny Nicol.  The winning bid of £250 came from James Wallace. Signed Celtic shirt Signed Celtic, Pride and Passion book Signed NCFC Football A very lucky young lady was the proud owner of the signed Nairn County FC football which was recently auctioned by Marc Woods. Well done to Alex whose winning bid of £70 sealed the deal for Charlotte’s early Christmas present. Thanks also to Marc for organising the auction and for his friend who donated the ball, another £70 into the fund. Charlotte with the signed NCFC Football Allangrange Arms auction Ryan Main of the Allangrange Arms kindly donated a voucher worth £50 to be used for food and drink. The winner was Paul Shearer with a winning bid of £51.52. Signed NCFC Football Duncan Dunbar very graciously donated a signed NCFC Football. The top bid of £43 came from Chris Mackinnon. Many thanks to both Duncan and Chris. Duncan Dunbar signed NCFC Football Stuart Leslie’s signed Boots Rudi Morganti won these fabulous boots with a bid of £65. Thanks to Stuart and Rudi for their contribuitons. We hope to see Rudi on the pitch with his new boots soon! Rudi Morganti and Andrew Paterson with Stuar Leslie's boots
NCFC Shirt signed by Conor Gethins To commemorate his 101st goal for NCFC a shirt and photo were signed by Conor Gethins and donated by NCFC for auction.  Thanks to Conor, NCFC and Chris Mackinnon for his last minute winning bid of £226.
NCFC shirt signed by Conor Gethins - auction Andy Neill’s signed boots Andy Neill may have left a hole in our hearts but his 2 pair of signed boots and bootbag aded another £130 to the Fund. Thanks Andy for the donation and for your time with NCFC. Best of luck for the future. Congratulations to James Wallace on his winning bid. Andy Neill Auction - Andy Neill's signed boots
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